💫 Features 💫

HR & Admin 🕵🏽 

  • Employee Profile Management 
  • Track of employee’s details. 
  • Track employee’s company-specific details. 
  • Employee’s Bank Account Information. 
  • Employee Document. 
  • Keep Employees previous job records. 
  • Departments and Designations 
  • Categorize employees, according to departments. 

Employee Payroll or payslip Management 💸 

  • Generates payslip  
  • Calculates allowances 
  • Calculates deductions 
  • Organize a salary structure 

Accounts Section 📈 

  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Full Debit and Credit Function. 
  • Accounts Payable 
  • Full Debit and Credit Function.  
  • Track Sales 
  •  Keep records of daily sales 
  • The system can export daily, weekly, monthly, yearly sales report.

 Track Expenses 📑 

  • Keep records of daily expenses. 
  • The system can export daily, weekly, monthly, annual expenses report. 

 Billing 🎉 

  • Bill/Invoice 
  • Custom tax rates per products 
  • Select TAX Type for invoices 
  • Custom discount rates per products 
  • Integrated Stock Manager 
  • Get online payment with unique invoice link 
  • Decent Invoice Printing template 

Customer Database 📓 

  • Customer Management 
  • Add/update customer 
  • Get Record of Invoices with specific customer 
  • Income & Expenses by customer 
  • Income & Expenses by customer 

Stock Management 📡 

  • A Smart Stock management system. You will have all standard features for stock management function. 

 Inventory Management 🧵 

  • Full complete inventory system. You will have all standard features for inventory function. 

Employee Attendance 🙋🏽 

  • Manage employee’s daily attendance sorted by departments 
  • Generates an attendance report of employees 

Data & Reports ⚙️

  • Company Statistics
  • Accounts Statements
  •  Income Expenses Sales & Purchase TAX Statement


Why You Need ERP System? 

Saving Money ❤️ 

ERP bundles are not so cheap, so it can appear to be far-fetched that the program would save your organization money. In any case, this is actually what can occur. An ERP binds together a large number of the system that may right now be divided into your association. That reaches from everything from item improvement and supplies chain management the board to IT support, the executives, and that’s just the beginning. 

Improved Collaboration 💠 

The highlights of ERP applications can fluctuate contingent upon the program that you are utilizing, yet these systems empower you to share and edit data just as to improve security and access. There is no compelling reason to combine data crosswise over various systems or sources. Since the majority of the information is arranged, put away, shared, and got to through a single system, actually there is no worry about how precise, complete, or secure the information records are. 

Better Analytics 🔆 

The privilege ERP can make it simpler and quicker for your team to create different reports. That may incorporate everything from income and expense statements to tweaked reports dependent on measurements and patterns. The capacity to approach these reports rapidly empowers you and your team to settle on better choices all the more quickly. You won’t have to depend on your IT staff to produce the reports that you need.

Improved Productivity 🎊 

Without an ERP, you and your staffs may have redundancies in activities, or you may need to sit around idly finishing monotonous undertakings physically. That can, at last, negatively affect your primary concern. An ERP will dispose of this time waste, and this can, at last, has a positive effect on your association’s efficiency, productivity, and benefit.

Happier Customers 👨 

An ERP is an internal system, so you may not think it has a lot to do with consumer loyalty. Notwithstanding, this isn’t the situation. The privilege ERP programming arrangement can be utilized in different advertising tasks. That identifies with procedures that incorporate lead age and client securing to late-stage client administration and customer retention. Eventually, it can assist you with bettering speak with your clients and customers through all phases of the procedure. 

Improved Inventory and Production Management 🦸‍♂️ 

If your association uses stock and has a generation procedure, you can likewise profit by improved administration in these areas. An ERP can be used to make simple the task of improving production and delivery schedules, reducing overages, and more. It makes it basic and simple to upgrade your endeavors instead of to make a simple and easy to optimize volumes, procedures, and the sky is the limit from there.